BFHWNC coordinator Kriss Sands hiking barefoot on the Appalachian Trail

Barefoot Hikers of WNC is an informal group of folks who love to hike, walk, and explore in the natural wonder of these beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. And we do it in the most natural and environmentally friendly way possible, without hiking boots, shoes, or anything else covering our feet - that is, we do it completely barefoot.

Walking barefoot on natural terrain is what human feet were designed for, and they continue to be totally efficient and sufficient for that purpose. Though feet may have become soft and weak from a lifetime of shoe wearing, they are not nearly as vulnerable as many people may think, and, like any other part of the body, will become stronger and healthier when allowed to function as nature intended - unencumbered by tight restraints and exposed to fresh air and sunlight.

There are no dues or fees associated with being part of the Barefoot Hikers of WNC. In fact, there's no “membership” involved or formal meetings, other than simply getting together to go on hikes. All that's needed are a set of bare feet and a desire to share barefoot hiking experiences with others. If you're interested, just let us know, and we'll put your name on an email mailing list to keep you informed of any hikes or other activities that may be planned in the future. Of course, any email or other contact information you give us will never be used for any commercial purposes (spam) or divulged to anyone else without your specific permission.

The banner image is a view from the meadow two miles north of Sams Gap on the Appalachian Trail in Madison County, NC.

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